Rezepte und cocktails

A Currant Affair Created by Eryn Reece, Louis 649 in New York

Avenida Created by Wember Castillo, Boston's RumBa, Boston, USA

Cassis Royal Created by Adam Seger, Nacional 27, Chicago

Eau de Perfection Created by Max A. Solano, Emeril’s Table 10 & Delmonico’s Steakhouse

Gibraltar Created by Jeret Peña at Le Midi, San Antonio

Jamaican Sunset By David Morcillo, USA

La Belle Epoque Created by Alex B. Smith, the Thirsty Bear, San Francisco, CA

Mathilde Belle de Jour By Todd Appel

Mathilde’s Peach Passion Created by Allen Katz

Morgan’s Manhattan Created by Allen Katz

No name cocktail Created by Marvin Allen, Carousel Bar, New Orleans

Peche Collins Created By Adam Seger, Nacional 27, Chicago

Raspberry Beret Punch Created by Frank Cisneros, Dram, New York

Rock punch By Todd Appel

Sacalait Punch Served at Cochon, New Orleans

Sangria Penedès Created by Gonzalo Marin, Barraca, New York, USA

Saturday in the park Created by Enzo Lim, Bobo Restaurant in New York, NY

Seattle Southside Created by Allen Katz

Snifter Cocktail By Todd Appel

St. Croix Martini Created by Allen Katz

Smoked Pear Created by Brian Matthys, Izakaya Ten in New York

The Independence Created by Allan Katz, a advisory board member

The Last Drop Created by Frank Caiafa, Peacock Alley Restaurant, NYC

The Myles Chefetz-Myles Tai Created by Michael Parish, Prime Italian, Miami, FL

Veronique Created by Todd Appel